Mono Cartons

It is used for compact packaging of products, and are highly customizable. This kind of packaging facilitates a large number of applications across industries.

Mono carton packaging is customizable and we provide various options for it to our clients as per their need and product. Our mono carton packaging ensures highly secure and protective packaging solution with numerous printing alternatives to upgrade the packaging standard like:
– Focal Point Effect
– Metallized Printing
– Half & Half Effect
– UV Printing
– Dribble Off Effect
– Shine Matte Effects

Window Cartons

This type of packaging combines the strength and stability of corrugated boxes with a visibility panel to allow consumers to see what they are buying.

Window Cartons Packaging is often used by the clients who want their products packed with a visibility window. This packaging is designed to offer consumers excellent visibility of the product look from inside the packaging.

We manufacture Window Cartons typically from paperboard with a clear plastic window This not only enhances the product visibility but also boost sales. This type of packaging is the popular choice for cosmetics, chocolates, and toys packaging.

Window Cartons help product stand out on the shelf and comes with several benefits:

– Improves brand image
– Increase sales
– Builds trust
– Increases product value

Liner Cartons

Liner Carton packaging comes with a folding carton that has an inner protective barrier of aluminium or paper liner for the products which needs extra safeguard for the contents.

We also specialized in manufacturing and designing high quality Liner Cartons well suited for items that require resistance from direct contact with air, or items that are semi-liquid or liquid, making it ideal for packing of the items like Ghee, Tea, Spices etc.

The packaging tap into the consumer mindset of a safer and better protected product, as the inner foil and outer foil can be filled and sealed in a single production run. The other feature and benefits that includes:

– Airtight closure
– Reduced carton size with efficient filling
– Guaranteed safety of the content

Litho Laminated Cartons

This type of carton packaging is used to create custom-printed boxes and to provide a compelling visual impact on the product.

Manufacturers usually use Litho Laminated Cartons packaging for packaging and advertising solutions. The quality printed sheet is laminated on the corrugated boxes to create custom printed boxes for packaging use. This gives maximum visual impact to the product. There are various factors which are driving the market of Litho Laminated Cartons packaging like:

– Convert outdated or unattractive packaging with high-quality graphics packaging
– Litho laminating printing is quite economical
– Great investment for manufacturers for packaging and advertising solutions

Corrugated Shippers

Corrugated box packaging is created using layers of material that include an inside layer, outer layer, and middle layer to provide strength and cushioning for the product.

We use advanced manufacturing and shipping equipment to manufacture and ship our corrugated box packaging. We design and engineer our corrugated boxes to determine their strength per our client’s needs and what they can hold. Let’s know why the corrugated box is the most common form of the shipping container:

– Because it is found in every aspect of material management and transport
– Can be designed and produced to fit nearly every shipping need
– Identifies the manufacture, box specifications, and compliance as a Box Maker Certificate is stamped or printed on a box telling the user/ freight carrier the requirements that a box meets.

Product Display Trays

We design PDQ Trays, Shelf Displays, and Endcaps that allow you to display your products in a professional and organized way as per your different structural requirements.

We design display trays for almost every product to provide a professional, organized, structured, competitive edge. We have years of experience delivering retail-approved product display trays, so our clients can take advantage of unique retail spaces through:

– Design with speed and efficiency in mind
– Eye-catching colours and graphics,
– Bright logos, sharp one-liner, and value prepositions
– Effective tool to grab customer attention, educate and educate them to purchase
– Most important merchandise space at retail
– Make the most of the unique shelf space with a custom display
– Increase customer experience and overall sales

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