Go Green

At VIJAYSHRI, we want to make a difference and be a brand that our customers are proud of. Our biggest asset is the adaptability that transforms into diverse customer needs while we give back to mother nature and sustain the environment for future generations.

We are proud that our technical prowess is backed by a workforce eager to perform and a mission that values sustainability. We are committed to finding the right thoughtfully planned solution to co-exist with nature.

We have pledged to follow the utmost Reduce, Reuse, Recycle process as our responsibility towards future generations by protecting Mother Earth.

Over the years, man has contributed significantly to ecological imbalance. The advent of plastics and polyurethane has further made matters worse. Though we cannot rule out advantages like durability and economy, we must reduce dependence on plastics/synthetic materials. World over, efforts are being made towards the cause.

Acknowledging our environmental concern, we have taken a few firm steps towards this end by adapting 3R practices. Our world-class UV coating and aqueous varnishing units ensure that packaging jobs rely less on lamination, which has become hazardous to the environment. Our water treatment plant, paper recycling, and innovative reduce, reuse and recycle processes help us strike the right balance with nature.

Vijayshri is committed to sustainable green printing.

To make about 1 metric ton of packing paper, the following components are required -

Coal / Oil
Tree Cutting


The first step to building a better world is identifying the problem at the source. From using renewable energy to reduce dependency on thermal power to choosing automatic offset printing that reduces paper waste by 75%, we are creating less waste to do our bit for the environment.


Another step towards waste management is preserving energy and materials at different levels that create a circle of sustainability. Simple solutions like rainwater harvesting and technology that prompt customers to return shippers post usage for reuse are just the beginning of a happy tomorrow.


We take making the best out of waste seriously! By recycling paper in-house and replacing lamination with water-based aqueous and UV coating, we are consuming less to create more.

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