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See product range Packaging is the first connection of customers with the brand. We help manufacturers with packaging solutions that  suit their products  and enhance the customer experience.

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See our infrastructure Manufacturing facility with the most capable equipment to handle your packaging demands at any volume.

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See our process We maintain no margin for errors in QC Programs to ensure that every carton meets our standards. Everything from raw materials to the delivery line is monitored and inspected at every stage.

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Beginning in 1991 with the setting up of a single Offset Printing Unit, Vijayshri Packaging Ltd. is now a fully integrated packaging company which provides Paperboard Packaging Solutions. We specialize in manufacturing  Mono Cartons, Window Cartons, Liner Cartons, Litho-Laminated Cartons, Corrugated Outers and other display trays.

Vijayshri has been successfully partnering with Food Processing, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals & White Goods Industries for over 30 years. With 250+ dedicated, technically qualified & trained employees who drive a fleet of 75+ machines ranging from pre-press to printing & post-press to loading-unloading devices, Vijayshri offers customers the best in print and die cut solutions.

Most trusted house,
for all kinds of packaging needs

Vijayshri offers in-house support for every step of the development process. We have built design, engineering, and operations teams to ensure the success of every project. From rigorous training programs to continuous professional development plans and high-quality assurance standards, each one of our team members is ready to build better solutions with you.

Our Product Range

Sustainable approach
for a better tomorrow.

Vijayshri has all the solutions to replace non-biodegradable laminations for surface decoration solutions. Vijayshri makes its products to minimize the use of non-biodegradable films by substituting them with various water and UV-based varnishes. Not only does this enhance the decoration of the printed surface, but it also creates the necessary moisture and fat barrier.




Vijayshri carries a large inventory of paper & paper boards in many sizes and qualities, which help in utilizing paper optimally and reduce wastage drastically.

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Our every product line is designed and delivered keeping international standards on top.

Our core strengths are high automation, round-the-clock operation, and delivery with effectiveness and efficiency are our core strengths. Customer satisfaction is our prime priority, and therefore, we are certified by: