About Us


Year 2022

Adding value through advancement

Almost 31 years. Long route we travelled. It is a roller-coaster journey till date and we discovered that no any short cut exist to reach the destination, and thus we are upgrading and updating our skills, machinery and everything comes in between by adopting modest and advanced tactics prevailing in present time.
Year 2016

Inauguration of new factory

Wow! It is our silver jubilee. We made 25 years of establishment remarkable by opening of new factory – the biggest integrated Packaging and Printing Plant of Central India.
Year 2004

Expansion of factory premises by adding a new section

Yeah, we are expanding and getting mature with time by digesting the success, and rolling up our sleeves to achieve more.
Year 1997

Shifted to a new packaging factory

Business growth is tremendous and truly speaking we are now in the state of telling someone that taste of success and hard work is sweet 😀
Year 1993

Setting up of 4 Color Printing Machine

It is also a huge surprise to us that just in the span of 2 years we at least succeed in stepping one step up!!!
Year 1991

Beginning of journey with the establishment of Single Offset Printing Unit

Isn’t a big move of a small screen-printing company which specialized in the printing of wedding cards?

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